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Urban Foresight

Urban Foresight

Urban Foresight is an award-winning consultancy focused on the smart and sustainable transformation of cities and regions.  We are a multidisciplinary practice that is dedicated to advancing the transition to electric vehicles and the delivery of the innovative charging infrastructure to support this.

As a mission driven business, we work with ambitious organisations around the world on projects to improve lives, protect the environment and boost local economies, with a particular focus on low carbon transport solutions.

We have globally recognised expertise in zero emission mobility. From our offices in Newcastle and Dundee, we have delivered an array of related projects, from developing national strategies to the design and procurement of electric vehicle charging and refuelling facilities. 

We are experts in accelerating and supporting widespread adoption of sustainable transport and in helping local communities to realise mobility solutions suited to their localities.  

Our expertise builds on a deep understanding of the challenges facing public sector services and the opportunities to embrace low carbon transport solutions to deliver transformational social, economic and environmental outcomes.