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National Grid

National Grid

National Grid may be a well-known name, but there are often misconceptions as to what we actually do. We own the Electricity Transmission in England and Wales, as well as the Gas Transmission for the whole of Great Britain.

In more relatable terms, this means that we own the Motorways and Dual Carriageways of the energy system, where the local A and B roads are run by Regional Distribution Networks; hence we are critical to keeping the lights on and the gas flowing.

National Grid does not buy, sell, or generate electricity, we simply transport it from where it’s made to where it’s consumed. We share the target of net zero by 2050, and are confident about meeting this target. In this vein of sustainability, we are aware that as the Transmission Owner, we have an essential role when it comes to the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the UK.

National Grid can cope with 100% EVs and having the right ‘future proof’ grid capacity at the right location ahead of need is key to success for charge point owners.  National Grid is the enabler of the low carbon transport future, and we see collaboration ensuring this ‘managed transition’ to clean transport.