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Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

Crown Commercial Service are the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK and help other organisations across the whole of the public sector find the right commercial solution for over £12 billion of spend each year. You can use our commercial solutions free of charge, and we’re committed to helping you achieve maximum value by leveraging our commercial expertise and national buying power, and offering specialist procurement advice.

Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV)

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is a team working across government to support the early market for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV). We are providing over £900 million to position the UK at the global forefront of ULEV development, manufacture and use. This will contribute to economic growth and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution on our roads.

National Grid

National Grid may be a well-known name, but there are often misconceptions as to what we actually do. We own the Electricity Transmission in England and Wales, as well as the Gas Transmission for the whole of Great Britain.

National Infrastructure Commission

The Commission is the body responsible for providing independent analysis and advice to the government to help the UK meets its long-term infrastructure needs. Its role is to support sustainable economic growth across all regions of the UK, improve competitiveness, and improve quality of life. In doing so, it aims to be the UK’s most credible, forward-thinking and influential voice on infrastructure policy and strategy.


BEAMA is the UK trade association for manufacturers and providers of energy infrastructure technologies and systems. We represent more than 200 companies, from start-ups and SMEs to large multinationals.

Our members provide generation, transmission and distribution equipment, heating and ventilation products, EV infrastructure, electrical systems, and flexibility assets in networks and the built environment. We promote regulation, markets and products that support a safe, smart and secure low-carbon energy system.


Urban Foresight

Urban Foresight is an award-winning consultancy focused on the smart and sustainable transformation of cities and regions.  We are a multidisciplinary practice that is dedicated to advancing the transition to electric vehicles and the delivery of the innovative charging infrastructure to support this.

Zap Map

Next Green Car was in 2007 and a major website for buyers of low emission cars, followed in 2014 by Zap-Map, the most comprehensive EV charge point mapping service in the UK. 

Momentum Dynamics

Momentum Dynamics is the market-leading original technology developer of efficient automatic wireless charging systems for the automotive and transportation industries with real-world technology in operation that proves the capability and need for fast, automated opportunity charging of electric vehicles.


ubitricity: helping councils create convenient, low cost, reliable EV public charging networks
There are 5 big benefits of driving electric: zero emission travel; torque-on-tap acceleration; ultra-low maintenance; low fuel costs; charge-while-you-sleep fuelling. But EV drivers without driveways battle to enjoy the last two: cheap and convenient fuelling.