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Future-Proofing the Electrification of UK Mobility

There has been much debate about the impact of electrification of transport with estimates of the United Kingdom needing the equivalent of ten new nuclear power plants to meet demand.

Thus far, the energy network has more or less coped, subject to some remedial work and upgrading. However, it is recognised that investment in power networks is required to meet the forecast demand for electric vehicles.

Infrastructure has largely been deployed using guesswork about journey profiles, without fully understanding current and future demand, commercial opportunities and interdependencies. Often, infrastructure has been installed where it will most easily fit and can most easily be connected at the lowest cost, rather than where it is of most strategic use.

Investment is required, and fast. Collaboration is needed, if we’re to make ‘true’ e-mobility a reality. There is a lot to sort out, but we appear to have the willingness to make it happen. We certainly have the expertise.

So, here’s an idea… Let’s get together at JUICE ........Let’s Connect and Energise!

What is JUICE?

JUICE will be a new ‘Connected Community’ and will be launched on 07 December 2023. Essentially, it is designed to become the authoritative voice on all things “EV Infrastructure”.

With ‘charging and infrastructure’ still the biggest talking point as we strive for e-mobility, the UK is suffering from a real lack of ‘joined-up’ thinking. JUICE will be supported by experts from the UK power, tech and motor industries, with a ‘joint purpose’…Future-Proofing the Electrification of UK Mobility

JUICE is for professionals looking to explore the very latest in innovative charging technology. Designed to bring together the UK businesses that have land to install workplace and public charging, JUICE will outline everything needed to ensure that your business is future-proof.

Featuring a focused conference, staged in a networking, cabaret-style format, the event will feature keynotes from experts that address the main issues faced as we strive to electrify the UK’s transport network, including strategy, supply and demand, investment and much more.

JUICE is the ‘go-to place’ on all things Infrastructure!


JUICE takes place at the iconic British Motor Museum, Gaydon – The ‘Home’ of the GREENFLEET Awards. We have designed a format that sees industry solutions and service providers ‘Host’ each table, with delegates encouraged to change tables between Sessions over the duration of the event.

Catering will be served in the adjoining ‘Welcome’ room and for breakfast and the mid-morning breaks, where you can network with the experts. Lunch will be ‘served’ in that room, with delegates moving into the Conference suite to sit at the ‘Hosted’ tables - giving YOU even more time to ‘connect’.

A relaxed atmosphere, made up of:

5 Sessions
26 Experts
3 Case Studies
5 Panel Discussions
3 Catered Networking Breaks
1 Mission…


As is standard for any GREENFLEET event, we will reach out to the fleet community, encouraging fleet and transport managers to join us. But this is an event addressing workplace, destination and public charging, so therefore we’re calling all those responsible for installing charging at their own premises. If your role is building, estates and facilities, planning, highways, sustainability and CSR… You need to come to JUICE!

Government agencies

Local authorities




Landowners – Retail parks, business parks, etc.

Ports and harbour authorities

Airports and railways

Motorway service stations and independent fuel forecourt owners

Supermarkets – large and small/independent

Energising Breaks

Throughout the day, the JUICE agenda will feature dedicated breaks, with food and drink, designed to encourage a relaxed setting, enabling delegates to network with sponsors and experts...

Breakfast… Begin the day with a refreshing brew, accompanied by some JUICE and selection of pastries.

Mid-Morning Break… Grab a hot drink or some JUICE and chat over the morning’s agenda and main talking points.

Lunch… Host a group of delegates at your dedicated table. Eat, drink JUICE, chat over the findings from the day and ‘energise’.